The Harry Curse
Pred mesecem
KSI vs W2S in GTA V!
Pred 2 meseci
Pred 2 meseci
Adam Pred 23 urami
Is it just me or has anybody else seen this video before? actually, asking?
Alex Jaxner
Alex Jaxner Pred 23 urami
Thei reaction when its over : 😀 Our reaction : ☹️
Straivalist Pred 23 urami
I rlly hope they dont continue to clickbait like that
Derrick Denby
Derrick Denby Pred 23 urami
JJ got violated at the beginning lmao
benSjennings Pred 23 urami
Ti's a repeat
Tom Pred 23 urami
They really said that side+ won’t effect the quality of the normal channels and then make 3 of the last 6 videos are compilations
CookiePenguin Pred 23 urami
1:34 Ethan sounds like Mr. Krabs laugh
Nickp39 Pred 23 urami
I needed a sidemen gta video
VC Pred 23 urami
Wait is this a compilation?
Nomonde Somo
Nomonde Somo Pred 23 urami
not JJ fighting Ethan for hoging the bar alcohol😂😂😂
Jānis L
Jānis L Pred 23 urami
is this a reupoload ? very similar to one other video
Daniel kangaroo2433
Daniel kangaroo2433 Pred 23 urami
This is definately a reupload
Teddo Feddo
Teddo Feddo Pred 23 urami
Wtf did they post the same vid? Ive seen this
joe cobb
joe cobb Pred 23 urami
I swear this is a re-upload
Claudio Luis
Claudio Luis Pred 23 urami
Wait, is this a reupload??
Kim Viinikka
Kim Viinikka Pred 23 urami
Its the same video re-uploaded... If you know you know...
Soura Games
Soura Games Pred 23 urami
i knew it fromm first clip of fatneek
High Pope of the temple of the tea
High Pope of the temple of the tea Pred 23 urami
love how josh just says "You wanna go then" and people just become less aggressive towards him
bobby zwartkak
bobby zwartkak Pred 23 urami
this is a reupload?
Sophie Lewis
Sophie Lewis Pred 23 urami
I actually brought my dominos pizza and domino’s cookies up to watch this just to realise it’s a complication, hahaha might shoot myself x
Man City Fan
Man City Fan Pred 23 urami
Me realising we've seen this before: my disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined
Full Send
Full Send Pred 23 urami
Ahhhh ya baited me
random person
random person Pred 23 urami
I swear I've seen this before
Glenn Hill
Glenn Hill Pred 23 urami
WTH, a compilation of a game you no longer will play? Such bait....😫
Thommas Pred 23 urami
Got baited hard 😢 already seen this video
Ryan harrington
Ryan harrington Pred 23 urami
Wait I'm confused haven't I seen this before
T Pred 23 urami
isn’t this a reupload or something
Josh Costello
Josh Costello Pred 23 urami
POV: you thought it was an actual video, not a compilation.
Sophie Lewis
Sophie Lewis Pred 23 urami
I’d prefer like 7 year ago content rather than recent content repeating, do better lads
Horizon Pred 23 urami
I swear they already uploaded this exact thing a couple months ago
Ethan Frost
Ethan Frost Pred 23 urami
Reupload fr what the fucks going on man was so gassed to watch this and it’s feuplaoded
EmzzD Pred 23 urami
Wait this was posted before
Tanya Davies
Tanya Davies Pred 23 urami
I swear this is the same video as another Sidemen gta
Jamie Wood
Jamie Wood Pred 23 urami
Pls ditch side + more sdmn is better
content Pred 23 urami
though i was having crazy deja vu
ENB Pred 23 urami
Am I the only one that just found out that it's a compilation
Eddy Boi
Eddy Boi Pred 23 urami
Was excited to watch a new gta vid cause I’ve watched all the other ones like 5 times each, and then I was like, wait they already did this map, anddddd then I realised it’s a compilation…
projectdivaa Pred 23 urami
i swear the videos that have been uploaded recently by channels i watch they've already posted i'm having such bad deja vu
Alex Kasper
Alex Kasper Pred 23 urami
Most entertaining vid I’ve seen in a long time
Ryan Gallagher
Ryan Gallagher Pred 23 urami
JAÏR Pred 23 urami
Took me 15 minutes to realise its a Compilation.
Charlie Lumsden
Charlie Lumsden Pred 23 urami
I swear we have already seen these
Memento Mori
Memento Mori Pred 23 urami
why was this uploaded?
LilAwoo69 Pred 23 urami
This a repost
Matexoni Pred 23 urami
Voltic Pred 23 urami
for those who thing that that is an reupload, its ans compilation
Obi O’Neill
Obi O’Neill Pred 23 urami
I waited so long for a re upload rip
Tom Evans
Tom Evans Pred 23 urami
Compilations suck
Twansku 1
Twansku 1 Pred 23 urami
This is an old vid…? The first part
Torrez Pred 23 urami
Isnt this a reupload? Felt like I watched it before
Oops Pred 23 urami
Didn’t they upload this already..
Wolfz Pred 23 urami
Wolfz Pred 23 urami
Okay the first half is a reupload. The rest aint
Eren Yeager
Eren Yeager Pred 23 urami
These Sidemen GTA are funny and hell. Keep up the great work guys. Sick barrel roll Simon.
Gurvir Singh
Gurvir Singh Pred 23 urami
Nice i wanna watch 40 min of stuff i've already seen
Chokyo Pred 23 urami
Lets go
EdwardPlaysstuff Pred 23 urami
JJ Start stabbing it,cut it up 😂😂😂
Az productions
Az productions Pred 23 urami
I feel like iv seen this before
JohnJohn Pred 23 urami
Bruh I already watch these over and over waiting for NEW gta videos
BLITZ FN Pred 23 urami
Is this a re upload
Stijn Lavooii
Stijn Lavooii Pred 23 urami
Wtf is this? They are just fk reuploading shit
Andı Pred 23 urami
Ahmed Samy
Ahmed Samy Pred 23 urami
Bro I haven't laughed so hard like this for a long time
Ali Neishabori
Ali Neishabori Pred 23 urami
I’m pretty sure this is a compilation of older clips, kind of disappointing
Exøtik Pred 23 urami
Where have i seen this video before
kuksy05 Pred 23 urami
I swear I've seen that Simon clutch b4
Gurvir Singh
Gurvir Singh Pred 23 urami
Spencer Pred 23 urami
Why is this re uploaded
F8 Pred 23 urami
Finally another gta video.Love the vid.Love from Australia
J Marshy888
J Marshy888 Pred 23 urami
Fuck me the comments are acting like this video is the end of the world
Montaser Boumerhi
Montaser Boumerhi Pred 23 urami
please do more gta vids we all miss them do them for your fans please
Mike O
Mike O Pred 23 urami
“i was gonna say no, because you seem really sweet, but then you fucking insulted me, so yes” 😐😐😐
AMAAR Pred 23 urami
Like this so they can actually make some gta vids man.Miss them
Roman Casillas
Roman Casillas Pred 23 urami
This channel is getting trash
Masv1pe Pred 23 urami
Not a reupload it’s a compilation.
Tamia Somers
Tamia Somers Pred 23 urami
8:06 when your watching your sibling get in trouble and not you
Mashrafi Pred 23 urami
Adder vs zentorno was the most intense race OGs remember
Louis Crowder
Louis Crowder Pred 23 urami
Me: Yes a new Gta Video! Also Me: I feel like iv'e seen this before🤔
BukuJutsu Pred 23 urami
“my two favorite sidemen” i just watched this video last week, is this a re-upload or is there more at the end?
Alfie Hibbert
Alfie Hibbert Pred 23 urami
Thought this was just a scummy reupload but turns out it’s a comp😭
David Parry
David Parry Pred 23 urami
Im sure ive already seen all of this in a gta video before